Working Paper
  • Redistribution Effect and Pension Choice: Theory and Evidence

This paper focuses on two issues, of which the first is about the factors influencing pension choice, and the second concerns the redistribution effects of the pension system in China. By examining the features of individual, family, and work, we find that the individual features such as hukou, gender, and education, family features like marital status, and features of work like type have significant impacts on the choice of pensions. Consistency of behavior on pensions widely exists within a family. Not only do the behaviors of pension within a family remain consistent, but education and physical health impact on each other's pension behavior. These results verify our model which includes the trade-offs of relative financial benefits and risks provided by various plans, as well as the accessibility to specific pension plans and accessibility to information of pensions. Finally, we take the Newly Rural Social Pension (NRSP) as an example. Redistribution effects are found between people with different income, and between genders as well. Our results show that wealth is transferred from people with higher income to those with lower income, from male to female.[Link]

  • Agricultural Acreage Expansion, Population Growth, and Environmental Change: Evidence from Guangxi Province of China. with Chuyuan Zhou, and Jian Mao

Population growth has a significant explanation of agricultural acreage expansion using simple liner model. Adding precipitation into models as a channel variable, the impact of population on acreage can be extracted by the channel of the environment, specifically precipitation. Population growth causes the environmental degradation, such as lowering down the precipitation, which finally puts pressure on agricultural acreage expansion. But the low R-squares illustrate that population, by itself, and in concert with precipitation, can explain the limited amount of the variability of agricultural acreage expansion and there may exist other variables influencing agricultural acreage expansion. Finally, precipitation is used as an instrument variable to estimate the effect of population growth on acreage expansion.[Request]